Conservative Dentistry and Endodontic Journal
Volume 5 | Issue 2 | Year 2020


Dear members of CAESOK

Happy New Year 2021

At the outset let me wish you all Happy and prosperous new year 2021.

Let the new year usher in a period filled with ray of hope and all the scars that you gathered in 2020 will vanish without a tease. As a restorative dentist and endodontist transform your clinical practice to the next level following all COVID-19 protocols set forward by the Kerala state health authorities. Good news is that both Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India are ready to roll out their Vaccines, if everything goes well by the first week of February as an integral part of the health workers, we the dental surgeons shall receive the first shot of vaccine.

As part of our contingency plans if the situation does not pan out, the next APEX 2021 and upcoming PG Mid Term Convention can be organized online permitted the governing council gives concurrence.

Hoping for a fruitful 2021

Yours in CAESOK

Afzal A MDS

Hon Secretary, CAESOK

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